One fish for one person
 - The story of Lan Je

Chances are, if you ask anyone about Rawang, one of the first things that will come to mind is a famous chain of restaurants called Lan Je. Today, they have 10 big branches, and three smaller ones in food courts, spread across Selangor. There are two things that Lan Je is known for one, the consistency of food across all its branches, and two for popularizing the concept of one fish per person, steamed in its signature chilli-garlic sauce. So most people would be surprised to find out that its founder, Lan Je herself, didn’t even start life out as a cook.

Recent construction progress on site, August 2017. The major road into the development is nearing completion with future traffic lights to be installed at the main intersection of Tamansari. Our first phase of residential homes is 90% completed and we are progressing final checks and inspections before the official handover.
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